Premier Packaging, Inc.


Premier Packaging’s management team wanted to know whether applying power factor correction technology, at the load, could improve their power quality and reduce the amount its plants were spending on electricity.

Premier Packaging has developed its “Green-Solutions” Program to effect every aspect of the business. In the area of electric energy conservation, Premier reached out to EESI Global, Ltd., a leader in the area of electrical energy conservation technology. Management wanted to know if they could make a meaningful improvement in their power quality and reduce electrical energy consumption considering the fact that the vast majority of cost was related to equipment and resistive loads of over 90%. They were also paying a power factor penalty due to poor power quality.

EESI originally insured the project savings at 12.8%. After 5 months of operation the project was providing savings of 17.3% and had completely eliminated the Power Factor Penalty. This amounted to a 35% improvement over the amount insured by EESI and a significant improvement over the original 34 month payback period.

Project Description

Premier Packaging began serving the needs of commercial and retail customers in Louisville, Kentucky in 1994. Two decades later Premier has grown into the nation’s leader in corrugated products, packaging supplies and warehouse solutions. Premier’s advanced design, testing, assembly and fulfillment capability has allowed it to open 16 U.S. locations and manage the most intricate and challenging projects facing its national base of customers.

Project Details

Client : Premier Packaging, Inc.

Status : Completed

Insured Savings : 12.8%

Actual Savings : 17.3%

After Tax Projected Payback Period:  Under 24 Months

Cost by Load Group

  • 14%Lighting

  • 2% HVAC

  • 0%Refrigeration

  • 13%Resistive

  • 71% Equipment


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