Johnson Controls


The Fort Wayne, Indiana division of Johnson Controls provides batteries for automobiles and hybrid-electric vehicles, along with systems engineering and service expertise.  Their electric utility consumption cost is approximately $1 million per year.  Management at the Fort Wayne plant was interested in seeing if they could reduce the cost of their electric utility consumption by making improvements in the power quality and electrical lighting system at the facility.

After an initial assessment and detailed review of the facility’s electrical system, EASI reduced the electric utility cost of the facility by 8%.  This was accomplished by installing lighting retrofits and controllers, reactive power factor correction, passive harmonic correction filters, and polarized refrigerant oil additives.  EASI’s improved its original projected savings of 7% by 15% and provided a payback period within the original 36 months required by the plant’s management.

Project Description

Johnson Controls is a global leader in the automotive market space, building efficiency and power solutions.  Management at the Fort Wayne plant wanted to improve power quality and reduce the cost of their electric utility consumption while making improvements to the facilities lighting system.

Project Details

Client : Johnson Controls

Status : Completed

Initial Savings : 7%

Actual Savings : 8%

Payback Period:  36 Months


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