Harrison Memorial Hospital


Harrison Memorial Hospital, a regional medical center located in central Kentucky, had just completed a $15 million expansion of their facility when management wished to explore the availability of electrical energy conservation measures that could be used to improve the facilities power quality and reduce cost. Like other medical facilities, Harrison Memorial’s management knew the facility had relatively high resistive loads which are difficult to treat.

Harrison Memorial’s management team began to work with EESI Global, Ltd., to determine whether they could achieve meaningful reductions in electrical energy despite the challenges presented by high resistive loads. EESI’s electrical engineering team began to evaluate electrical loads in the areas of lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning, resistive and equipment making up 100% of the facilities electrical energy consumption.

The project was installed with early results indicating savings at 24% above the amount guaranteed and independently insured by EESI Global. This result was accomplished during the initial four winter months following installation and represented the coldest months on record for the past 50 years. Performance is expected to improve materially with the arrival of the summer air conditioning season.

While four months worth of data represents results early in the project tracking phase, particularly encouraging was EESI’s ability to improve the power factor of the facility from .91 to .991, an improvement of nearly 9%.

Project Description

Harrison Memorial Hospital has been a regional leader in healthcare for the community it serves for over 100 years. Recently the hospital completed a $15 million expansion of its facility which included new technology and partnerships with area medical specialists.

Project Details

Client : Harrison Memorial Hospital

Status : Completed

Initial Savings : 10.2%

Actual Savings : 12.79%

After Tax Payback Period:  31 Months

Cost by Load Group

  • 14%Lighting

  • 1% HVAC

  • 1% Refrigeration

  • 14%Resistive

  • 71% Equipment



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