21st Amendment


The owners of 21st Amendment founded the Company in the early 1970s with a vision of supplying the region around the greater Indianapolis metropolitan area with an aggressively priced and diverse selection of wine, spirits and beer. After four decades of building the business, the Company has now expanded to eighteen locations in the Indianapolis area.

Consistent with its original mission of keeping down costs, the Company’s ownership and management team began to evaluate ways of reducing their energy cost as the Company continued to experience significant growth throughout the region. They chose EESI Global to evaluate potential savings related to their electrical energy cost.

EESI recommended a project with an integrated system designed to apply electrical energy conservation measures to the lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning, equipment and resistive electrical loads attached to each facility. Working together, the technologies applied improve the efficiency of all of the electrical loads present at the facility in reducing the kilowatt-hours used on a monthly basis.

Project Description

EESI originally guaranteed and insured the project savings at 10.86%. After 5 months of operation the project was providing actual savings of 14.49%. This amounts to a 33% improvement over the amount insured by EESI and a significant improvement over the original after tax payback period of approximately 33 months.

Project Details

Client : 21st Amendment

Status : Completed

Insured Savings : 10.8%

Actual Savings : 14.49%

After Tax Projected Payback Period:  Less Than 24 Months

Cost by Load Group

  • 25%Lighting

  • 16% HVAC

  • 38%Refrigeration

  • 21%Resistive

  • 0% Equipment


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