(NASHVILLE, TN) — A 22-percent energy savings and faster-than-required payback on the energy savings investment for Freeman-Webb’s Nashville House, a 150,000-square foot office building in the Metro Center Business District, has earned Hendersonville-based Energy Automation Systems, Inc. (EASI) and Freeman-Webb an award for energy savings best practices.

The Association of Energy Engineers – Middle Tennessee Chapter, and Middle Tennessee State University’s Center for Energy Efficiency recognized EASI and Freeman-Webb with the 2012 Energy Management Recognition Award.

Freeman-Webb wanted at least a 21 percent annual energy savings and a 36-month payback period on its energy savings investment for Nashville House. EASI topped those requirements by designing and installing a system that reached energy savings of over 22 percent and less than a 32-month payback period.

“To be recognized for our energy-saving technologies from highly regarded professionals in our area in the energy conservation field is gratifying to all of us at EASI,” said Paul Bleiweis, EASI president and chief executive officer.

“Efficient, economical, and effective energy savings processes have never been more important, and we’re proud to be a leader in this field,” Bleiweis said.

Bradley A. Jones, building facilities director for Freeman Webb properties, said EASI, “I chose EASI for this project because of its long history of success in designing, manufacturing, and installing electric energy conservation systems in a variety of commercial and industrial businesses,” said Jones. “The numbers, and this prestigious award, speak to our joint success.”

“Our energy-saving technologies reduce kilowatt hours and improve the quality of the power used in a building,” said Bleiweis, who earned a doctorate degree in nuclear science and engineering from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). “We’re able to do our work without interrupting or interfering with a company’s operations.

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