(NASHVILLE, TN) — The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has made Nashville’s Energy Automation Systems, Inc. a part of the TVA Preferred Partners Network, which means EASI is among a group of commercial and industrial organizations working with TVA to improve energy efficiency across the TVA network.

The network spans clients in 7 States, including most all of Tennessee and parts of Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. Energy Automation Systems, Inc. (EASI) develops and installs energy-saving technologies used by thousands of customers around the World.

“Preferred Partners Network members have the ability not speculative ability, but proven – to help businesses, utilities, governments and other clients reduce their energy use and lower their energy bills,” said Dr. Paul Bleiweis, EASI’s chief executive officer.

“EASI has accomplished two things for our customers by becoming a TVA Preferred Partners Network member: it affirms our standing as a company providing customers with energy savings and it gives EAS! access to TVA market research, incentives, training and technica! assistance,” Bleiweis added. TVA’s Preferred Partners Network is comprised of organizations that have proven their ability to increase energy efficiency.

In its more than 35-year history, EASI technologies have enabled customers to reduce their energy consumption and costs by up to 30 percent. EASI technical staff members will undergo training programs through TVA.

EASI customers will benefit from technical information to which EASI will have access, as well as be eligible for rebates and preferred utility rates because of EASI’s Preferred Partners Network status.

To achieve Preferred Partners Network status, TVA officials:

  • Visited EASI to review its engineering processes, methodologies and processes
  • Interviewed EASI clients to assess EASI’s performance in reducing their energy usage and costs
  • Interviewed EASI officials and employees about the company’s model for conducting business

EASI provides energy efficiency technologies and consulting in a range of energy conservation measures for large industrial and commercial facilities. Typical customers are large, multi-site manufacturing companies, who often engage EASI over a period of years to implement projects at multiple facilities.